Saturday, March 28, 2015

Weekend Warrior + The Truth About Why I Haven't Been Blogging As Much Recently

My gorgeous friend from Spain & jewelry designer of MANDA unchained

Happy Saturday, my loves!

I may not have a ton of followers, but those who have been loyal to me may be wondering why I haven't been posting nearly as much. Or maybe no one has really noticed at all! I'm going through a major transition right now & am allowing myself the time to get really clear on what I want, why I want it & what I see for in the future.

I've owned this domain name since my acting days. After realizing where my true passion lies (that being fashion & beauty) & my yearning for a creative outlet as means of connecting with others, this blog was born. Nearly two years into blogging I've discovered that it's been an awesome ride & a major learning experience, but I can't help but feel like I went slightly off track & lost sight of why I truly started this little space on the worldwide web. Partially because I couldn't help but play the comparison game (comparing myself to other bloggers), partially because taking 10 minutes out of myself & my boyfriends schedule to take pics was the easiest route, became more about snapping photos of myself in outfits I styled for myself in hopes that someone would get some sort of inspiration out of it and less about getting a conversation started.

I felt myself become more & more bitter as the last few months had gone by & found that I had become increasingly hard on myself. It was becoming less & less enjoyable for me, but I truly missed blogging and all the sparkly feelings & joy it brought me when I first began. As a result, I really started to dig deep & have been up to some major soul-searching. I've become clearer on my vision, and while taking this leap is absolutely terrifying, I've never been more excited or certain!

 I want my blog to be a major source of inspiration. 
I want my blog to be a safe space where conversations are started.
I want to interact with my readers & followers.
I want to collaborate with amazing designers/brands/entrepreneurs/artists/women/visionaries. 
I want to "style women happy" in several aspects of their lives. 
I want women to feel confident & unstoppable. 
I want to empower women. 
I want this to be something greater than myself.


I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit of a hermit, but this past Friday I left my apartment a couple of hours early to head into Manhattan & allow myself time to explore before I had to head to a few meetings. With my camera in tow, my head & my heart first led me to Chelsea, where I perused through the market, popped into Story then made my way to the West Village. I took my time and fully immersed myself in the environment, which is something I am guilty of not doing enough in the hustle & bustle of every day city life. I began taking pictures of whatever inspired me as I wandered about and it felt so utterly amazing! I find it difficult for me to disconnect from all of my gadgets and am learning that it's necessary for me to do so every now & then. Learning to be more present & in-tune with my surrounding is one of my personal goals.

After some major "me time" exploring my native city, I met up with my lovely friend & jewelry designer Amanda of MANDA unchained, who I haven't seen in years (she relocated to Spain) and seriously had one of the best conversations I've had in a very long time. The girl just gets me & I can't thank her enough for all of her support throughout the years. We caught up over Thai food, wandered around Nolita & ended up at a sweet little cupcake shop on the corner of Prince & Mott St. I'm not going to lie, my heart broke a little by the end of our time together not knowing when I would see her next. I already miss her so much, but I'm looking forward to building an even closer relationship with her in the future :)

Next on my schedule: meeting for cocktails at The Smith at Lincoln Center with a couple of badass female entrepreneurs working hard to make a name for themselves in their industries. My day got even better! We had such an easygoing, empathic, supportive, insightful conversation with absolutely no egos in the mix & it was just what the doctor ordered. It's rare that I come across people who truly understand me, share similar ambitions and truly want to make the world a better place. It's also rare to meet girls who genuinely want to lift you up & do whatever it is they can to help you get closer to reaching your goals & obtaining your dreams.

As I reflected on my day during the train ride back to Astoria, I felt so much joy and knew that this was how I want to spend the majority of my days--surrounded by empowering women who, in return, empower one another! It gives me chills just thinking about it!

I have a lot of plans in the works, so I ask that you bear with me a bit throughout the process. Just know that I am not only taking this time to fulfill my dreams & what I'm truly passionate about, but I'm doing this for YOU & with YOU in mind. I'm excited to go on this incredible journey & hope that you'll join me for the ride.


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lockwood Style: Spring Preview

State of Being Black Out Blooms Dress c/o Lockwood Style, BB Dakota Brydon Trench c/o Lockwood Style, Banana Republic Ninah Pump, Shiraleah Metallic Olivia Phone Clutch c/o Lockwood Style, AJ Morgan Tort Wayfarers c/o Lockwood Style, Druzy Ring c/o Lockwood Style, Neon Flower Earrings c/o Armed & Readi

Yesterday I was totally one of those New Yorkers who as soon as the weather peaked above 40 degrees (after a long, cold, snowy winter), dared to show a little skin & flounce around my neighborhood in blush tones & a floral number. I could not wait to wear this Black Out Blooms dress, by Aussie label State of Being, I scored at Lockwood Style nearly two months ago! As soon as told me the temperatures were going to reach 60, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear!

This may sound ridiculous, but I have no recollection of ever owning a trench! Of course, the first one I decide to add to my collection of ever-growing outerwear is the prettiest blush pink instead of the classic khaki-hues that never seem to go out of style. I simply could not resist how soft & feminine this BB Dakota Brydon Trench is & you know I love feeling pretty and lady-like as the warm weather begins to inch our way ;) What I love most about this trench is the length & how it doesn't swallow my 5'4" frame whole! It seems to hit at just the right place & wonderfully compliments the bold pink & purple hues of my most favorite dress!

 Lockwood Style has a beautiful selection of Spring wears that I have been coveting over the last few weeks. I've been saving up for their Spring Preview Party next Thursday March 19th, where attendees will be the first to shop Lockwood's latest Spring arrivals at 20% off! Plus, there will be champagne, a metallic tattoo bar, DIY goodie bags, polaroid fun & more!! Want to join in on the fun?! See event details below! I hope to see you there, lovies!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Fling with Spring

Think Closet Angora Cardigan, Vintage Yellow Blouse c/o Cloak & Dagger, Floral Circle Skirt c/o Cloak & Dagger, Elizabeth & James Gramercy Glasses, Swedish Hasbeens T-Straps, Kate Spade Vita Limoni Large Luisa Shoulder Bag

Spring has yet to arrive on the east coast, but I must confess that despite these frigid temps, I've had a bit of a fling with the latest items to grace my spring wardrobe!

Moving into fall & winter, my personal style gravitates more toward menswear inspired looks (hello comfort!), but come Spring all things ultra feminine & flirty are fair game! Give me a peter pan collared blouse, a floral midi skirt & a pair of clogs I'm ready to prance through a field of daisies with a picnic basket in hand!

I cannot wait to show you lovely ladies all the goodies I've recently added to my arsenal of clothing. Here's a little bright & cheerful outfit inspiration to get you excited for the warm weather (eventually) headed our way! ;)


Shop these hand-selected cuties below to achieve a similar look: